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Strike 3 is no mistaken energy driven music with focus on the true changes that Christ makes in our lives when we are saved. This 3 piece Christian progressive rock band is one of the top progressive rock bands in Christian Spanish rock catagory. Signed to Warner Brothers, Latin America Label and distributed by Tooth and Nail Records USA. The bands leader has a testimony that will send chills down your spine and yet bring you back with the anointing of God's saving grace in his life. Hitting stages in quite a few Mexico, Latin America, and South America festivals and concerts these guys are ready to come in and influence a generation of American youth in need to hope and a new start from the grips of many addictions of life and hatred. Truly a must have band for any Christian rock stage where you have a influx of Latin American or Spanish speaking cultures. To book Strike 3 now contact Christian Artists International, Inc. at