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“I turned toward using my gifts and talents in music to spread this same Gospel that I knew was changing my life for good; I have committed my life and testimony to help produce godly change in the lives of others.”

— Harmini

Full Bio

Harmini is a dynamic up and coming Christian rap artist full of energy and enthusiasm which spills over into his music and onto the stage in a very powerful way. Harmini's music and videos are full of straight forward hard hitting messages that this generation truly needs in their life. His song and music video "If I Go Away" is currently debuting world wide and is already impacting lives in a powerful way. From the gang member, to the addicted, to the convict, the suicidal, and many other troubled lives around the world. 

    This powerful song speaks to people all over the globe reminding them that these types of things bring unwanted consequences into our lives. But it also reminds people that there is still hope! The messages in Harmini's music bring about the hope of change in all who are willing to turn from a lifestyle of sin and cling to a life that follows  Jesus Christ. Harmini has been featured on notable Television platforms including but not limited to NBC news, KSLA Channel 12 news, ABC news, CBS news, WENY-TV,  JUCE TV, TBN, TBN Salsa, KTAL, FOX News 12, Time with Theresa,  and more!

     He is currently getting ready to release his upcoming album "Mixed Messages" early 2018. Harmini will also soon be performing his song titled "God Is GREAT" feat. Da'TRUTH on live Television accompanied by a powerful music video and behind the scenes documentary shot and edited by an employee member of Dream Works in Los Angeles, CA.  To book Harmini and/or other talented and anointed Christian artists please contact Christian Artists International, Inc. @ Tel. 830-768-2320 or email ChristianArtistsInternational@msn.com





Tour Dates

  • 1-1-2018 Living Word Harvest Church.

  • 1-8-2018 Interview on His Hop Nation Radio.

  • 1-24-2018 Interview on Legit with Kevin Whitt.

  • 3-15-2018 Kingdom Experience.

  • 3-23-2018 Interview on KBCN Praise Radio. 

  • 3-24-2018 Southside City Church.

  • 4-8-2018 Breaking Of Bread Church.

  • 4-27-2018 Alamogordo High School. 

  • 4-28-2018 Legacy Christian Academy.

  • 5-5-2018 Full Gospel Business Fellowship.

  • 5-17-2018 Interview on Positive Power Radio. 

  • 5-18-2018 Deliverance Crusade at Hilton Garden, Inn.

  • 5-19-2018 Deliverance Crusade Hilton Garden, Inn.

  • 5-26-2018 Joppa Outreach Event.

  • 6-1-2018 Interview on Ksradio Show.

  • 6-2-2018 Full Gospel Business Conference.

  • 6-5-2018 Filming for Run Music Video.

  • 6-6-2018 Filming for Makes You Proud Of Me Music Video.

  • 6-7-2018 Filming for The Epic Story Music Video.

  • 6-8-2018 Filming for When I Get To Heaven Music Video. 

  • 6-9-2018 Filming for The Investigation Music Video.

  • 6-12-2018 Interview on GGTHW Radio.

  • 7-6-2018 Harmini Live at Lancaster Theater Outreach. 

  • 7-6-2018 Interview on WAAW Shout 94.7FM. 

  • 7-8-2018 FGBMFA.

  • 7-15-2018 Harmini Live at Louie Louie's Dueling Piano Bar.

  • 7-29-2018 B.O.B.C. Fundraiser Event.

  • 8-4-2018 FGBMFA Praise and Miracles Luncheon 12:30pm.

  • 8-16-2018 Radio Interview WOVEINSPIRATION Radio.

  • 8-18-2018 THE OUTBREAK Event. 

  • 8-31-2018 UNT (University of North Texas) 7pm-9pm.

  • 9-1-2018 Radio Interview on Christlike Radio.

  • 9-15-2018 Masters Room Ministries - Pop Up Worship Event 6pm-8pm

  • 9-19-2018 Live Performance/Testimony True Grace Church.

  • 10-12/13 GOD STOCK SA - 2018.

  • 10-26-18 Radio interview 9pm (CST) w/ Kevin Whitt.

  • 12-15-2018 Let's Talk To The Lord Gospel Show - Radio Interview.

  • 12-15-2018 Track Starz In Studio Interview, 12pm-4pm (EST) - Atlanta GA.

  • 12-15-2018 Christmas Outreach in The Bluff - Atlanta GA. 

  • 1-6-2019 Live Performance on Bahamas Cruise Ship.

  • 1-7-2019 Live Performance on Bahamas Cruise Ship.

  • 1-8-2019 Live Performance on Bahamas Cruise Ship.

  • 1-9-2019 Live Performance on Bahamas Cruise Ship.

  • 1-10-2019 Live Performance on Bahamas Cruise Ship.

  • 1-13-2019 Radio Interview on The Anointed Radio Show/9:25am (CST)

  • 3-16-2018 Live Performance at SXSW - Austin TX. 

  • 3-30-2019 Hollywood Red Carpet Performance - Abilene Convention Center. 

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