Artist Development Package for Christian music artists!

****Low affordable fees to help you grow

****Artist Development Packages for 1, 2, 3 to 4 month periods or more depending on needs

****Management services included

****Email marketing included for bookings

****Booking calls made to respond to clients
****Outstanding booking leads a generation of current buyers who pay well comes with the package

****$300 per month for 3 months or more package
       $400 per month for a 2-month package
       $600 for a single month package

****Professional Electronic Press Kit scroll down in pdf form

       cost is extra but only $100 with paid 1st month of artists development package and signed contract!

****Free professional bio upgrade with all purchases of EPK

****Pay as you go bi-monthly on the first day of the month and the 15th



Email us at your website, songs, video, and pictures

Sample EPK are available! and

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