Statement of Beliefs

Christian Artists International, Inc. 

We believe that God is the Creator of the universe of all things seen and unseen.  We believe that Jesus the Word of God is the giver of life to all that live as the Word sent from the Father.


We believe the Holy Bible is God's Word given to and pinned by man by inspiration of the Holy Spirit. 


We believe in the Triune one God in three Persons, consisting of The Father, His Son Jesus Christ (The Word), and Holy Ghost (Holy Spirit).


We Believe Jesus Christ God's only begotten Son, came to this earth as a Man yet was, is, and will always be God.

We believe He lived a sinless life as the Lamb of God sent from the Father. He was rejected by His own people, crucified, and died on the cross bearing the sins of the entire world upon His shoulders.  


We believe all that proclaim to belong to the Lord Jesus must be "Born Again" Meaning born of the Spirit of God who comes into all true believers who make a true confession of faith to pick up their crosses, deny themselves, and follow Christ our Lord. Anyone born again confesses the Lord Jesus as their Lord and believe in their heart God has raised Him from the dead. Therefore they become born again and are sealed with the Spirit of God due to their change of mind to turn from their sinful lifestyles to follow Christ and their belief in Him as Lord and Savior of all who call upon the name of Jesus Christ.


We believe in the confession of our sins before our Father in heaven when we do sin yet we maintain God's righteouness always when we are born of the Spirit of God and are still in the faith and have a heart that is pure. It is no longer we who sin but sin dwelling in our flesh. 


We believe in water baptism as the way we were given instruction to follow Christ as His example to be buried with Him in baptism as an important part of our faith and the holy communion partaking of His flesh and blood in remembrance of Him. 


We believe in th baptism of the Holy Ghost and power from above. 

We believe in the continued refreshing of the Spirit of God as being available for the humble and contrite of the Lord to strengthen every believer as one seeks the Lord and in times of need He is right on time all the time. We also believe that the gifting of God's Spirit to enable the church to grow and mature is still available and an integral part of the ministry of the Spirit of God still on this earth for the edification, comfort, and exhortation of all believers. 


We strongly believe that marriage is between one man and one woman as set in order by God and it is an abomination to do otherwise and therefore we respect no other as being married in God's eyes.


We strongly believe in the sanctity of life and are pro-life in our faith respecting the life of every child from the moment one enters their mothers womb.