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“I travel the nation speaking to at risk youth, incarcerated youth, youth in general.”

— SaulPaul



Full Bio

A Musician with a Message - interview with SaulPaul

Saul Paul is an outstanding representation of how God blesses those who seek Him.  From prison to getting his masters degree from Texas University at Austin and to speaking at many engagements and performing/ministering in many others Saul Paul has exploded on to the Christian music artist and speaker scene.  He is a down to earth speaker and also teaches on how to live your life for Christ. One of his main features is purpose in life and destiny on how to make changes to full-fill your destiny and purpose. He has become a very much wanted speaker for conferences, schools including colleges, and other events. He has an adaptable program for both secular and Christian audiences but always brings a positive impact message and lets all know what God has done in his life.  He is currently booking dates across America and abroad. You will have to book your event early to get a date as Saul Paul keeps a busy schedule normally. He also does workshops for all kinds of events and you can choose to have music or not as part of his presentation.  We highly recommend him for any upcoming event you may have or just to book on an individual basis. References and promo are available to send out to all interested possibly clients or you may fill out an offer form for your booking date or dates.